Marcela Gómez-Molina

Hello everyone. I'm a feminist and family law professor. I love reading and swimming. Glad to be here, too.

Hi Everyone. I'm hearing and reading you from Colombia!!!

Hello everyone. I'm Marcela, I'm from Bogotá, Colombia, so this is South America. I'm 43 years old and the last 20 years I've been a feminist lawyer. I'm also a family law professor at Universidad Militar and I have been trying to fight for women's rights in my city since I'm a lawyer. I've been married for almost 17 years and we don't have children because we didn't want to. I like reading and talking, hahaha, as a good litigant. I want to improve my English because I would like to open my feminist research to the world, where for sure I would find wonderful people to share my thoughts.
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