Coté Granados

Hello everybody :) I'm just a curious mind eager to learn more and more.

1st Task

Hi, I think my previous post it was unsuccess so I'm going to try it again ;)

Hello mates,
This is Coté from Spain. I was born in Barcelona but nowadays I'm leaving in a small town site in Galicia also in Spain.
I'm an Acupuncturist and I work for myself.
I started to learn English in 2014 but I'm stuck in the same level for Centuries, well...a little bit less ;)
I would like to tell you guys a short story about my name; in fact Coté is my nickname. My real name is María José (Maria Josep in Catalan because is my mother tongue) and the reason is it was a Spanish tradition put the relatives' names to the new family members. In my case, I was the first granddaughter so both family sides started a rough argument. My mother's family wanted one name and my father's one thought they had the right. In order to avoid any fight, as a result they put me my parents name (María because of my mum and José -Josep- for my dad) So soon they were aware that that name didn't suit me thus started to call me "Coté" as a "sweet name".
End of the story ;P
I hope you like it :D
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Hi again :) It's Coté, a curious mind from Spain. First at all, I'm rubish at writing so please be patient ;P but I promise you all that I'll try to do my best, for sure!!!
I'm proud of being part of this project and eager to learn from all of you mates so... Ready to start the trip!!!!
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