Raquel B

Student of Medicine
Hello everyone! I'm very keen on public health. Also, I'm a curious mind so I really like to talk about politics, science, history, and current topics.
I'm from Spain and I live in Santander, which is located in the north of the country. Santander has a very beautiful and well-preserved coast. It is not as crowded as Madrid and you can make a lot of plans, like going hiking in the mountain or sunbathing on the beach. I really recommend you to visit the north of Spain! If you want to travel here, please feel free to contact me and I'll give you some recommendations.

I've been learning English seriously for 7 months now. However, I started learning it at school but I didn't reach the level that I want. 

An unorthodox interest that I have is how to dismantle pseudoscience and conspiracy theories like the flat-Earth society and anti-vax movements. I think that scientific evidence is the most important thing when we are talking about health problems.

Luckily, I've found this incredible podcast to learn English in a more interesting way!

Hi  Raquel B - awesome, thanks for this fantastic introduction, and I've heard lots of amazing things about Santander!

As I'm sure you've realised now, (dismantling) pseudoscience / conspiracy theories is also an interest of mine, and I wholeheartedly agree with you in terms of scientific evidence being the most important thing :)

Hi  Raquel B  and welcome to this amazing community. It's always a pleasure to meet a broad-minded person, especially when you are experiencing a worldwide pandemic and you are hearing all kinds of conspiracy theories!
I've never been to mainland Spain (my bad!), but it's on the list, so I'll ask for recommendations for sure! :)

Hi Roquel B
You are the lucky one! I had a small trip near your lands but a bit easterly. Weird Bilbao, luxurious Donostia, and wide beaches with almost oceanic waves.
Glad to meet you. 
P.S. Forgot to mention homemade paella - it is something!