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Hey there, I'm the mother of two adult sons. I'm learning English as a self-learner and only last few years. So I have a very long trip before me. English becomes my hobby.
I am Ivana from the Czech Republic, located in the middle of Europe. I was born in Prague, the mother of cities (which probably everyone knows). I love my country, its nature, its safety, its diversity, its humor, its cuisine, its lifestyle, and people who are maybe a little different than your neighbors.

I am learning English "only" for 7 years and I think, my progress doesn't big. Children at primary school know more than me. Last three years I have learned myself, without a teacher or courses, as it is very often recommended. But I little bit miss school learning and drilling and of course correction.

Strange things about me: I don't travel abroad, I don't need so much English in my work, I don't want to move to another country. It is difficult for me to say why exactly I learn English on a daily bases, but it has become my hobby for the last few years. And of course: I want to improve as quickly as is possible. I hope this community helps me with my goal and I'll be its useful member.  
Hi Ivana and welcome!

You have a great hobby, I admire your attitude :)

Regarding the Czech Republic, I also don't want to move to another country. I feel very comfortable here. :)

Ivana Krublová replied
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Hi Ivana!

Nice to meet you! I really love that you're learning English just for a hobby. Actually, I think that's the best reason—or at least, it's the one that feels the most fulfilling.

And congratulations on doing some English activities every day! I know how much work that is, so keep it up!

Re: your progress: If you're feeling that you are not progressing as much as you'd like, I encourage you to start measuring it. Sometimes we don't feel like we're progressing because it's hard to see... but when we measure it, we notice how much improvement there really is!

There are some ideas for that in the most recent blog post, but some that have really worked well for me and some of my students include:
  • Record yourself speaking (at least once a month). After 6 months, listen back to your early recordings.
  • Rate how much of a podcast you understood (it can be a rough estimate). So, for example, in the most recent LE podcast, did you understand 50%? 65% 80% 95%? Keep track of that and see if it improves with time. You could also do that with books, YouTube, or Netflix shows.
  • Keep a daily journal. Every few months go back and read your early entries... If you notice your errors or you notice that there are other ways you would say things, you'll know you're improving!
  • Get a regular conversation partner. Part of the reason I know my Portuguese is improving is that my friends tell me how much better I am! (it feels sooooooo gooood!).
Also, remember that when we are at an intermediate level, the progress does just feel slower. But, on the bright side, at the intermediate level is when we get to really start to enjoy the language. We don't have to think about it as much anymore.

So keep up the great work!

Thank you. I did it. I thought I have B2 level and they say "only A2…" . It was little bit frustrating! Days are shorter, weather cooler, it will be better time for practicing and learning! We will see after 6 months 😉
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