Ivana Krublová

Hey there, I'm the mother of two adult sons. I'm learning English as a self-learner and only last few years. So I have a very long trip before me. English becomes my hobby.

ELSA Speaking

Hello, I don't know if it will be work, but I receive an offer for Annual membership on the app ELSA Speak (and I bought it one month ago). In this app, you can train your pronunciation, and it gives you feedback. I use it for one year, and I hope that I have improved. You can try it :). If it doesn't work, I can resend an email with it.
I think it is only a limited offer.
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Hi, I'm Ivana

I am Ivana from the Czech Republic, located in the middle of Europe. I was born in Prague, the mother of cities (which probably everyone knows). I love my country, its nature, its safety, its diversity, its humor, its cuisine, its lifestyle, and people who are maybe a little different than your neighbors.

I am learning English "only" for 7 years and I think, my progress doesn't big. Children at primary school know more than me. Last three years I have learned myself, without a teacher or courses, as it is very often recommended. But I little bit miss school learning and drilling and of course correction.

Strange things about me: I don't travel abroad, I don't need so much English in my work, I don't want to move to another country. It is difficult for me to say why exactly I learn English on a daily bases, but it has become my hobby for the last few years. And of course: I want to improve as quickly as is possible. I hope this community helps me with my goal and I'll be its useful member.  
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