Roberta Rossi

A curious mind.
Hi everyone! I'm an English lover and a movie buff, but still struggling to watch films in English. I love also to travel, read and to take naps.
Hi everyone, this is Roberta from Italy. I've recently applied for the membership of the amazing Alastair's podcast. Hey! I am not trying to flatter him! You know, when you reach, let's say, an intermediate or an upper-intermediate level, you start searching for something more interesting than videos and podcasts about grammar and learning techniques. Along your learning journey, you have already learnt what works for you and what you need to keep improving. So you just want interesting contents, that might challenge you a little bit but that worth listening, right? Contents that even natives would like to listen to. And this is what I found in Alastair's podcast! 
I've been learning English for ages, the classical way - textbooks, textbooks, and textbooks - but only three years ago I started to take it seriously. And differently! A different approach brought me results that I couldn't even imagine. I still make lots of mistakes, my grammar isn't perfect, but I can speak now. Three years ago I couldn't. I used to get frozen. 
What's one strange or unorthodox interest that you have?
Nothing comes to mind. I'm a boring person, who loves to take a nap whenever I can. I love reading, travelling (who doesn't like it?), watching films, every genre except horror movies (Old black and white movies, sci-fi, period drama, thrillers, drama, animation, crime fiction, western, action, comics). And that's it. 
Happy to be here!
Hi Roberta Rossi - welcome, and thanks for that splendid introduction ⭐️

Thanks for your kind words, and I hope you'll continue to find listening to the episodes interesting and fun.

p.s. naps are great, and most definitely underrated.
p.p.s. you've just given me an idea. Maybe an episode on polyphasic sleep could be interesting...