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What a brilliant story! It reminds me about the novel of Umberto Eco which I've read several months ago. The interweaving of destinies and events, intrigues and compromises, and, of course, conspiracy theories that we all love to disprove. Thank you :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it  Mykhailo Go

To be honest, there is so much to say about the story of Garibaldi, but I hope this episode was a fun story in any case :)

This is the episode btw (for anyone else reading this) -

With the majority, we've already met by our video gathering.
I'm Mykhailo from Ukraine. I live in a small village near Kyiv. Pine forest behind the fence (here you can dreamily draw a sigh).
I've thought just now that history of my learning is divided into three disproportional parts. The first part was in the first class of experimental school. Teaching foreign languages usually was starting from the fourth class in soviet Ukraine (I can't believe that I wrote the last two words together in 2020).
So, after the first class followed the second, as usual, and the second part of my limping way. But in a new school. Because my family moved to another district (we're not gypsies, and excuse me, gypsy people - I'm not a racist as well). My alma mater remained too far for everyday riding on heavy-overloaded buses (thanks to soviet governance - not horses). My new school was not so experimental (even I could say not experimental at all). I came back to English after two years and the level of motivation was dropping till the ninth class when I needed to start preparing for university. But whatever, English was continuing not to embrace me as seriously as should. Even in university most of us, understanding the importance of English were not too diligent students. Everyone listened to English language music but few people could translate the texts on the fly.
So after university and numerous journeys abroad, I poked myself to the level where I started to enjoy learning English. I became to understand more and then (hallelujah!) I became competent enough to listen to Leonardo English podcasts, read the news, watch movies, and many more. Thus began the third stage.
Regarding Leonardo English podcasts, I completely agree with Kristian - I would listen to them even if I were a native speaker. And one more thought which I've already shared with Larissa - Leonardo English is finding of the year. Thanks, Alastair for the W&W things and fascinating narration!
Several words about myself. I have a small business connected with building automation and IT. I love motorbiking, traveling (desirably by motorbike), film photography, music, and doing almost nothing on the bank of the mountain river.
I tried to recall some unorthodox interest of mine and eventually dug some. I like to sing Ukrainian folk songs when I move by autobahn at the speed of 120-180 km/h. Because highways are monotonic and boring and I need to entertain myself to stay wakeful (and alive). Nobody heard. Due to helmet, heavy wind, and roar of engine. Only you and I know about it.
So I think I coped with the introduction.
I wish us a fascinating way to highs of English in such a cool company.
See you.
Mykhailo Go thanks for such a fantastic introduction.

I can't say I'm surprised, knowing you a little bit, but it did make me chuckle in several parts 😃

I'm very glad to have found the topic for the next Member-session: "Mykhailo performs 60 minutes of Ukrainian folk songs (potentially while travelling at 180km on the motorway)". I'm looking forward to it already!

Mykhailo Go replied
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Thanks for you quick reply. You're faster than me ;)

Yes, I'm familiar with the term "smart home".  Sounds like you've got a thriving business, that's great!

A session about the EU. It's this evening. I missed the last two sessions because I had to teach, but tonight I'm back :) 

If you have time, why not ask Alastair Budge  if you can join?  
Hey Mykhailo Go,

What a splendid introduction! A joy to read! 

What automation and IT are you building and for who? 

See you tonight at the session?