Alexey Shestialtynov

Hi everyone 👀 I'm a software engineer and perpetual learner 😉
Hi everyone, I'm Alexey or Alex for short.

I'm originally from Moscow, Russia, but now I live in Dublin, Ireland.

I've been learning English since childhood but still speak not as fluently as I would like... Found Leonardo English as a simple but very fruitful approach.

Passionate about how to make computers even more useful in (self) education.
Hi  Alexey Shestialtynov - it's great to welcome you, and thanks for joining our little (but growing) community 🙏

Thanks also for your kind words about Leonardo English. Simple but fruitful is exactly what I'm aiming for, so it was moving to hear you say it!

And I'm excited to hear about your ideas on how to make computers even more useful in (self) education. 

Welcome ⭐️
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