Hi Alastair Budge
I have some topics for your podcast if you would like to talk about them.
Recently, I've finished reading a manga called Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue. It was a piece of art. This manga talks about Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese samurai who lived between the 16- 17 centuries. He is a master in sword techniques and a philosopher. He is a great samurai and teacher. I think you can talk about his life and how he'd changed.
Another topic that you can talk about is the history of manga and anime; it's an interesting topic for me:)

*I uploaded some pictures from the manga Vagabond.
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How To Use A Dictionary (Properly) To Learn English

I listened to this episode, and I would like to share my favorite dictionaries so far and the way that I memorize vocabulary.
First, I am going to talk about my method of memorizing and learning new words. If I ever come across a new word, I write it down on a flashcard, and I write its definition on the other side of it; sometimes, I write down its translation also its part of speech. Then I revise these words regularly in the following way: If I looked to the written word and recognized its meaning immediately without any hesitation, I write +, but if I hesitated, I write -. If I remembered the word five times in a row without thinking- several times, I consider this word memorized. Also, I search for the word on this website https://youglish.com/ to see how natives using it. Second, the dictionaries that I use. I often use Longman Dictionary, and I think it is excellent for beginners. It gives the different meanings of the word and its collocations, and it has a lot of great features! I also use Cambridge Dictionary. I can make lists and test myself on the words that I listed.
Okay, this is my method of learning new vocabulary. For me, it works!

*Excuse my poor grammar🙈
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I've just read this article and I found it interesting because I always wondered why people -not only teenagers- use memes in every event or situation even If it is serious. So, I think this is a psychological explanation for that.
What do you think?

How can I overcome this?

I have this problem and it's bothering me. I struggle so much whenever I start to write in English, even writing a small reply. I'm always afraid of making mistakes and sometimes I feel like I don't know how to write in a natural and appropriate way. This is really stressing me out :( 
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I'm Ghada from Saudi Arabia.
I currently study English and Translation as a major in uni, so I can say that I started learning English in a serious way a year ago. I aim to improve my English and to reach an advanced level also I want to be more confident in speaking and writing in English. 
I am glad that I found this fantastic Podcast.
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