My introduction

Hi Alastair, hi folks, 
My name is Markéta. I guess in English speaking countries I would be named Margaret. I'm from the Czech Republic, particularly from eastern Bohemia. I'm going to be 38 in June. I work as a registered nurse in the ICU. I've been studying English since about autumn 2019. Since I've never studied English before I had to start from the very beginning. I got a great lector from my country who is helping me incredibly on my journey. She has taught me it's important to listen to the language as much as possible, so I'm trying, therefore I joined this membership. I'm aware of doing lots of mistakes, however, I'm working on it. :-) I don't think I have a strange hobby I'm just a casual woman. I'm interested in sewing, that's my big hobby. I like English, thanks to my lector I enjoy learning this language. I love spending time with my family, I love them to pieces.
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