Steven Su

English learner
hello, I am from China and I like to practice my English skills.

Hello everyone ,I feel confused about mobile system

Recently I have changed a new cellphone,because my ex-cellphone's screen was broken and I decided to buy a new phone.
It took me so much time to choose and adapt to the new phone. I used Samsung before,but I decided to buy iPhone last week.
There are many difference between IOS and Android. 
NO.1 It is hard to transport file between iPhone and Windows PC. I have many English listening and reading resources in Android, I can't remove those materials to IOS qucikly.
NO.2 Many apps lack convenient functions in IOS. For example, Google translator app in iPhone can't directly search result by pressing copy icon when users select words in context.
NO.3 iPhone doesn't have smart screenshot function. I like the smart screenshot function in Samsung cellphone. Especially I need to screenshot picture top on other app and display for me to input verification code sent by message.
NO.4 The same app has different functions between IOS and Android platform. I think Android is more various friendly functions for users.

I choose iPhone because the smooth operation and the fast running.
I need time to adapt these difference recently.😂 Would you guys recommend some nice apps in IOS for me? Which mobile system do you want to use, and why?
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help me to analyze the question please

Which one opinion is correct ? B or C ?

What about adding episodes of NBA topic ?

hi Alastair, I have listened many episodes about soccer . Would you like to talk about NBA or basketball stars in future podcasts ?😊
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add some color to protect eyes

My eyes  feel tired,while staring at the website through computer's screen. Because the page is white and light. If I can choose some other  darker color styles in some kind of optional tool, I think that maybe help me to watch animated transcripts long time easily.
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Help me about distinguish these similar phonetic symbol

I know "ʃ " is unvoiced, and "ʒ" is voiced. But when them get married vowel,for example the two couples   "ʃə" and "ʒə". I think they pronounce the same sound. Am I right? 

please add index

I like to listen to  podcasts by oldest to newest.  If there's one index or opinion I can sort all podcasts by ascending dates. I think that must be more convenient for me. Thanks

#001 questions about pronunciation

1. Will be valid 
I seems to hear Alastair pronounce like “V valid”
Q: How am I pronounce it naturally like you?
2. Podcast and podcasts
Q1: I confuse whether the “d” pronounce silently? Or pronounce de or d? because I always pronounce d to de, I don’t know how to pronounce it correctly.
Q2:plural podcasts ,how to pronounce? Is it “podcasisi”?
3. Transcript and transcripts
Q: transcripci and transcripzi ? I always pronounce t to ci,and +s pronounce zi. 
How am I pronounce it naturally like you?
4. Currently ,importantly,quickly,constantly
Q:I hear in your podcast ,t and k in above words sounds like pronounce silently , but I always pronounce te and ke ,maybe strong sounds,how can I correct them and sounds like more naturally?
5. If you don’t know
Q:I listen to your pronunciation sounds like “ ɪ gyu ən know”, and it sounds weird,I have listened many many time but I couldn’t pronounce naturally like you, how can I do it?
6. Can’t and can
Q:British and American pronunciation how to do them correctly ?
7. Latin 
Q: the “t”in the word “latin”,how to pronounce ? I hear it sounds like silent ,am I right?
8. Started
Q: I pronounce it to “star-tɪd”,but when I hear your podcast sounds like “starci-dɪ”,can you repeat it naturally for me?
9. Person
Q:you pronounce parson,am I right?
10. I would love to hear from you
Q:I hear you pronounce “hear from em”, I can’t hear“you”,how can I do that?
 I sorry to bother Alastair by asking so many questions 


I have some questions hoping could be fix .
 1.whirling away or whirring away ,which one is correct ?Because I find both of the  two word in dictionary ,but I don't know the difference between them.
 2.www pronunciation is double-u, but I hear Alastair prounce it double-li . The other word "revolutionary",I hear the pronunciation revolEtionary . Based the two phenomena, would you explain to me if prounce "u" become to "e" ?
 3.What does "we don't bite" mean ?

I am Steven

I am from China, I have learned English truly for one year. I like to practice and improve my English communication skill. I hope the podcast course would help me improve my listening comprehension.
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