Steven Su

English learner
hello, I am from China and I like to practice my English skills.

What about adding episodes of NBA topic ?

hi Alastair, I have listened many episodes about soccer . Would you like to talk about NBA or basketball stars in future podcasts ?😊
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add some color to protect eyes

My eyes  feel tired,while staring at the website through computer's screen. Because the page is white and light. If I can choose some other  darker color styles in some kind of optional tool, I think that maybe help me to watch animated transcripts long time easily.
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Help me about distinguish these similar phonetic symbol

I know "ʃ " is unvoiced, and "ʒ" is voiced. But when them get married vowel,for example the two couples   "ʃə" and "ʒə". I think they pronounce the same sound. Am I right? 

please add index

I like to listen to  podcasts by oldest to newest.  If there's one index or opinion I can sort all podcasts by ascending dates. I think that must be more convenient for me. Thanks

#001 questions about pronunciation

1. Will be valid 
I seems to hear Alastair pronounce like “V valid”
Q: How am I pronounce it naturally like you?
2. Podcast and podcasts
Q1: I confuse whether the “d” pronounce silently? Or pronounce de or d? because I always pronounce d to de, I don’t know how to pronounce it correctly.
Q2:plural podcasts ,how to pronounce? Is it “podcasisi”?
3. Transcript and transcripts
Q: transcripci and transcripzi ? I always pronounce t to ci,and +s pronounce zi. 
How am I pronounce it naturally like you?
4. Currently ,importantly,quickly,constantly
Q:I hear in your podcast ,t and k in above words sounds like pronounce silently , but I always pronounce te and ke ,maybe strong sounds,how can I correct them and sounds like more naturally?
5. If you don’t know
Q:I listen to your pronunciation sounds like “ ɪ gyu ən know”, and it sounds weird,I have listened many many time but I couldn’t pronounce naturally like you, how can I do it?
6. Can’t and can
Q:British and American pronunciation how to do them correctly ?
7. Latin 
Q: the “t”in the word “latin”,how to pronounce ? I hear it sounds like silent ,am I right?
8. Started
Q: I pronounce it to “star-tɪd”,but when I hear your podcast sounds like “starci-dɪ”,can you repeat it naturally for me?
9. Person
Q:you pronounce parson,am I right?
10. I would love to hear from you
Q:I hear you pronounce “hear from em”, I can’t hear“you”,how can I do that?
 I sorry to bother Alastair by asking so many questions 


I have some questions hoping could be fix .
 1.whirling away or whirring away ,which one is correct ?Because I find both of the  two word in dictionary ,but I don't know the difference between them.
 2.www pronunciation is double-u, but I hear Alastair prounce it double-li . The other word "revolutionary",I hear the pronunciation revolEtionary . Based the two phenomena, would you explain to me if prounce "u" become to "e" ?
 3.What does "we don't bite" mean ?

I am Steven

I am from China, I have learned English truly for one year. I like to practice and improve my English communication skill. I hope the podcast course would help me improve my listening comprehension.
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