Tomás Lucas

How do you do the transcripts of the podcasts to improve your listening?

Hi everyone,
One of the things that I do is transcribing part of the podcasts. How do I do it? Well I listen to part of the sentence, then I stop the audio, I  write it down and start again but my memory to short time is very short, because I forget part of the sentence all the time and I must back and try to listen to it again and again and again. I don't do it with the keyboard because one of the things that I am trying is to have more confidence writing it with pen and paper.
Do you do something similar? In that case, how can I improve it without having to be rewinding all the time?
Thanks in advance for your advise.
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Greetings from Spain.

Hi everyone,
I am Tomás from Spain. Because this is my introduction I would like to be honest with you I don't have studied English in my life actually. Of course, I had to study to pass the exams in the school but it does not count, does it? This has led me to have many shortcomings, especially regarding to grammar. I am not proud of it. 
Internet gives you a huge amount of sources to learn English in not "ortodoxian" way but also it can be overwhelm. I want to focus in this place to make it the central point for my learning.
My first goal will do to define goals, I never did it regarding to learn English. Please, you can feel free to give me your tips about this.
I hope it can be a point of inflexión in my way learning English.
See you soon.
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