Carmine Iuorio

24 y.o. from Torella dei Lombardi, South Italy

A very simple question

Is this the right place to suggest possible topics for new podcasts?

Introducing myself

HI GUYS!! I'm Carmine from Italy. I'm 24 y.o. and I've recently graduated in Economics at the Federico II University in Naples. 
I love podcasts , I find them very enjoyable and I've no doubt they're a powerful tool to connect with people and sharing a lot of things, therefore I take them very seriously. 
In short, I decided to subscribe as a "listener" to Alastair's podcast because I've never come across a podcast like this. The topics are very interesting and so I thought that being a member could have been a good way to learn something new and improve my English at once.  
I'm into Economics, History, and Politics as well as weird facts from all over the world, of course...

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