A bit random question... but can I react with more than a "like" on the posts and comments in the community feed? 

If there is a way, can anyone point me out on how to do it? (maybe I haven't found it)

If you have read my intro, you probably understand why "The Amazing Life of Whales" is my favorite podcast. 

I've always been so fascinated about them, since I can remember (as a kid). They are so calm, silent, graceful but also... GIANT! I always thought of them as the last remaining dinosaurs, and that amazes me. 
If you have encountered one before, I bet you'll never forget. Such a once in a lifetime experience!

What's your favorite podcast? Why do you like it so much?
Hi  Larissa Rizzo . This podcast was amazing. I always thought that all the cetaceans had teeth! I looked for info about the baleen and I discovered that it's a very useful evolutive tool for enormous sea mammals. As usual, with every episode, I always learn at least one new and interesting topic.

It's not easy for me to choose my favourite show. Maybe I'm between Bullshit Jobs, Guy Fawkes and Trump English.
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I'm glad you enjoyed it!

For anyone wondering, yes, Whales was a request from Larissa Rizzo ... 

It was also a really fun one to make. For me it was particularly interesting to learn more about vocal learning, and (tragically) about Whaling. 

I remember watching an amazing documentary about whaling about 5 years ago, and some of the scenes are still scarred into my memory. I'll try to dig it up and link to it if I can find it. 
Hi everyone, 
I'm Larissa, originally Brazilian but currently living in Sweden.
I love traveling and you will most likely find me on the road in my free time. I've lived in 6 countries before, but have Sweden as my current destination. 
Fun fact about myself: whales are my favorite animals in the whole world, and I've been around the world following them. First in the USA, then in Argentina, Chile and Spain. Love the life by the water, the sunsets in a boat and the smell of see breeze.
Have you ever seen a whale? Don't they look like modern dinosaurs?!

Hi Larissa, "following whales around the world", that sounds so cool! Now you've inspired me to learn more about whales :)

Happy to see you here, and good luck moderating :)
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Hi Larissa, your hobby is very unusual. Are you following them as an amateur or as a member of any organization to save them? Whales seem to be very calm and clever and I think that saving them is a very important job.
Hi  Kristian de Groot and  Ivana Krublová : whales are extraordinary animals. I am always so amazed when near them, I feel so tiny. 
I actually started my journey with the whales "aiming" for a career (I am a biologist), but I very soon realized that my "cancer call" was stronger and also more meaningful and rewarding.  

I share a bit from this story and journey here, in case you find this interesting:
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