Hello guys!🤗

My name is Olga, I am Russian from Latvia, right now placed in Saint-Petersburg, Russia due to my job.

I'm glad to be here as part of this membership!😊

Funny to say but I am a linguist (English and Spanish 2nd language) and I was really good in both languages loooong time ago, but at my job I use the same English vocabulary day by day, year by year and my level was going down slowly till the moment I'd found out that I forgot simple things in English. 🙄Besides, I hesitate to speak, that's my pain. I have so much to say, but I cannot! I use simple words and always cant remember  the word I need. 
I saw some sessions possible here once a month if I am not mistaken, in my mind I thought - wuaa, lets scroll this to the next point, not for you, Olga, with you "Bbb"...Mmm.." - not this time. Maybe next life😁

Anyway, I have a purpose to get back from my subconsciousness all I knew before, double it and get better! I'm not going to quit, I am on my way!

Cheers! 🤗🤪
Hey Olga, 

You're welcome! :)

"Saint Pete is beautiful, it's amazing, but when you live here for a long time you see it from the other side too."

I could have written the same sentence about Prague :) People are not always friendly and one could argue that there were too many drunken and obnoxious tourists in the beautiful centre before Covid-19.  

Regarding the sessions, I feel a bit nervous myself every time I meet new people. In particular when I need to talk in English and I *think* I need to make a good impression, because I'm a teacher. At least, that's what a little voice inside my head tells me.  

But actually, there's no reason to be nervous. I now tell myself that I'm always in learning modus, even as a teacher. So when I make mistakes, it's not important. It's an opportunity to learn. :) 

If you're not sure about the topic because you think you don't have much to say about it, it's a perfect moment to listen and learn. And if you are not sure about the topic because you don't find it interesting, then you can join next time when there's a topic that interests you! :)
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Heya  Olga - it's great to welcome you, and thanks for sharing your story. 

Motivation is tough, and keeping up a study schedule is even harder, but I'm sure you'll be great.

I hope to see you in the future sessions! 
Hi  Olga - Welcome to the community! :)
Interesting story. I've got a similar experience: when teaching English to A2-B1 students in Prague, my English speaking skills get worse! So to make sure I get enough native level input, I spend much time listening to podcasts.

Saint-Petersburg is high on my city-trip list. After I'd made the decision to become a teacher, I compared many cities and I ended up with Prague vs. Saint-Petersburg. I chose Prague because of EU-membership. (Note to self: a good point to make at tonight's session!)

And to echo Alastair, why not join the future sessions? Why next life if you can join this life? ;)
Until then: keep learning, keep growing! 👍
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